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Escape games have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. They’re like interactive novels that make you think, explore, and solve puzzles to ‘escape’ from the room before the time runs out. It’s a tense, exciting, and sometimes terrifying experience that is unlike anything you’ve probably ever tried. As a result of their popularity, there are now tons of escape room games out there to choose from. You can even find your private games at the local haunted house. The problem is, that you don’t know what to expect when you take that first step into an escape room game. In this article, we will be sharing everything you need to know about escape room games, and what to expect when you step foot in one.


As a result, Find the Filches is known as Thimble.

There are two major types of escape room games: physical and virtual. If you’re not familiar with them, it’s time to get familiar. Escape rooms are essentially puzzles that have been set up in a room and you need to solve them to ‘escape’ from the room before the time runs out. The first popular one, created by British puzzle games designer James Ernest in 2000, was called Find the Filches. The game was based on a story about a group of thieves who hired an actor to play ‘Thimble’. Once the act was over, the thieves were unable to find the stolen items that Thimble was wearing as a disguise. The name “Thimble” came from the word “filches”. 

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The game was eventually released as a kit and the huge number of players who enjoyed it encouraged Ernest to create more games. Ever since then, escape rooms have exploded in popularity throughout the globe. There are now thousands of escape room games out there and they're only getting bigger and better. Physical escape room games are played in person at an established location. You will usually be locked inside the room with a group of people and given a certain amount of time to solve the puzzles that will get you out.

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Virtual escape room games are played online and they're the second type of major type of escape room games. You don't play against the clock in virtual escape rooms because it's not possible to do so. Instead, you can play as many times as you'd like and the puzzles will still be there. However, the first time you play a virtual room game is usually free of charge. In physical escape games, you'll be playing against the clock. The puzzles will usually take between 30 minutes to one hour to solve, depending on how much time you have and how difficult they are. Every escape room game comes with different rules that you need to follow. The main rule of an escape room is to have fun, so always follow the rules! Make sure to read them before you play and make sure that you understand them.

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We hope you have learned a lot about escape room games in this article and that we have been able to give you some insight into how they work.